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Modly Advice
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Modly Advice
Looking for a place where you can get advice from other mods without having to worry about the players of your RPG bitching about it? Rant safely here while receiving advice from mods who know what you're going through!


01. This community is for MODS ONLY. Meaning you must be a moderator of an rpg to join. Include the name &link of the rpg you mod or co-mod in your first post.

02. Ranting about players in your rpg is okay, and you can even make fun of them all you want, as long as you don't mention any names. Do NOT hotlink to any specific thread -- If you want to quote something they did or said, please do it here without mentioning any names. Anyone who mentions another player by name will be blacklisted and banned from the community. This is for you to release some steam and get some advice, not to humiliate anyone.

03. For those of you that will be giving advice -- Really give advice. If you're going to help someone out, REALLY help them out.


05. Spamming, RPG plugs (with the acception of the url you include in your first post), etc are not allowed, unless you post them here.

To show that you read the rules, paste &one fell off the wagon.. in the subject line of your first post.

Violators of rules will be warned, then banned on a second offense, and blacklisted if necessary.


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World of Darkness Helpful resources submitted by _ladyatropos_

Websites for Ranting Websites that players and moderators alike can use to rant in. Similar to bad_rpers_suck. Submitted by _ladyatropos_




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