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Modly Question of the Week

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2008.01.27 at 11:33
What sort of exceptions have you made for players? Have you reconsidered a minimum age rule because a player seemed mature enough? Have you extended posting deadlines or lowered posting regulations? Spill it all here.

Also, if you have an InsaneJournal account, you can now find Modly Advice on Ij, under the same username. My hope is to eventually complete the transfer over there, so if you've got an Ij account, join up at modly_advice on Ij.

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Beta testing

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2008.01.14 at 21:13
I just want to make sure that I didn't miss anything so if any of you have some extra time on your hands, would you be willing to look at the game community on Ij? Just click here. Let me know if I'm missing anything crucial in the rules and game information sections. I want to launch before the week is over. It's also the type of game that I'm not taking too seriously (hence the 1x per week posting), with my arm problems, so I'm not going too crazy here.

Thanks in advance!

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today? not my day.

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2008.01.13 at 21:31
Current Mood: confusedconfused
lauren and i have been working on a new rpg. we were going to use freewebs to host the website and forum, but their server was way too slow. tonight we decided to switch to geocities. i uploaded everything and then went to Ij to create character usernames and a community (because now i just don't want to deal with any more forums). i went to go check my email to validate my new Ij accounts, and i get a sweet little message from geocities:

Please do not reply to this message.Collapse )

apparently, because i temporarily left the navigation button linking to the forum on freewebs, i've violated this strange new geocities TOS. i've used geocities in the past and this is completely new to me. anyone run into anything like this? i don't know what to do now, because i would like to have a site up about the game, with links to the Ij community and to email addresses and whatever else. i understand that geocities can do whatever the heck they want when it comes to their TOS, but this seems just a teensy bit extreme. especially since i just uploaded the site!

i had to drop a game due to health problems about a year ago. now this. i don't think i'm destined for rp anymore. ):

edited 9:44pm
under the 7.0 PRIVACY AND ACCEPTABLE USE > 7.2 Prohibited Uses section of geocities TOS:

(p) use your home page (or directory) as storage for remote loading or as a door or signpost to another home page, whether inside or beyond Yahoo! GeoCities;

this is just.. strange.

edited 01/14/2007
still no response from yahoo. i have all of the files on my passport, but i'm still upset; it took a lot of work to build that site, and with my nerve problems in my arm it's a price to pay for every second i spend at the computer. i may just transfer everything to Ij or to a wiki, but i put about a week into that site. i don't want to use freewebs because they're slow, and i don't know of any other free hosts. so, i guess i have no choice but to transfer.

edit 01/14/2007 at 5:36pm
i got a response from yahoo not long after editing this post. they reinstated the account, giving me 48 hours to remove the unwanted links. i asked for clarification on exactly what links i can't use; more specifically i asked if i could link to Ij. i'm still switching everything over to the Ij communities, but i thought i would ask. i'll keep everyone posted.

modly question: unlimited characters?

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2008.01.12 at 14:25
unlimited characters--they may be a good thing, or they could be a bad thing. in the past i've limited the number of characters each player could have, which worked pretty well. there have been times when i didn't set a limit, and that worked out fine too. some moderators limit the number of characters to control the population in the game, or to prevent unbelievable characters from being birthed. personally, i like to have all characters approved before allowing them in the game. it's a good population method, keeps the sues away, and prevents duplicates.

currently i am working on a new game, where i will allow an unlimited number of characters to each player. as per my usual rule, all characters will have to be approved. other than that, the premise of the game allows for a large character population, so i say why not?

still, there are so many pros and cons on unlimited characters, especially if new characters created are unmoderated. what are your views on assigning a maximum number of characters? what do you think about moderating new characters coming into the game, from players who have already been approved?

A - pink egg

&one fell off the wagon..

Posted by dreadnot on 2008.01.11 at 12:09
I figured I'd just go ahead and get my intro post in now. I can bet you that I won't be the only mod from POLYchromatic (that's me at the bottom) you'll be seeing in the near future.

Hi. I'm Jade. I'm one of six mods in poly and boy, is it interesting. If you're not familiar with the game, we have a current character count of about 570, and a player count of around 100. Not the biggest game on LJ, but not small. I'm giving the requisite hi now. I'm sure I'll have questions soon enough. And now I go back to telecommuting, which is where I should be now instead of skiving off.

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2007.09.02 at 00:00
I love rping but don't seem to have the time for it anymore. Even worse, when I come up with an idea I tend to either lose interest very quickly or my players lose interest. Anybody else having the same problem? Is it possible to "grow out" of rping?

robin hobb // farseer buck

&one fell off the wagon..

Posted by middlemarching on 2007.08.14 at 11:12
Current Mood: pensivepensive
See? I read the rules. (:

The community that I mod is actually not active yet. The forum isn't complete, the graphics aren't quite what I'd like to be, but the skeleton is there and my co-mod and I plan on having it up and running within a few weeks at least. I wanted to ask some questions now, before I got started, in hopes of maybe avoiding some tricky situations that would otherwise pop up due to inexperience.

I think bad administrative skills can mess up a good concept worse than even the lousiest of players. Even if you have a troll making life miserable, or an influx of new players who don't know the rules, if you've got a good administrative/moderating staff ensuring that everything runs smoothly, you can get over these bumps easily enough.

I've had my fair share of bad experience with both mods and players, and I guess that is why I am paranoid that in the new game I am about to open, I might make those same mistakes unwittingly. It's a forum-based RPG that I hope will attract advanced players keen on some historical accuracy, but who aren't militantly opposed to a little artistic license.

Here is my question to you, as an aspiring GM: What are some things you would advise me not to do? What are some things that you think I must do?

Thanks ahead of time for any advice you may have for me.

(For reference: here is the forum!)

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We're moving off of MSN to one of the member's domains.  

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Godmoding your setting.

Posted by madonnadellatte on 2007.06.19 at 10:38
Hey guys, I haven't posted in a while here, but my site is starting to get up and active again, and I'm curious for the opinions of other mods on this.

We've recently had two different people join the site and godmode the setting. I'll explain.

Our site has a specific setting (modern world; certain kinds of fantasy exist). Certain kinds /don't/, and we have some general site history and precedent on what's fine and what isn't fine.

It's understandable if people don't get this, but, in the past couple of days we've had two different people come along and set up a character who is a member of a made-up history that is exclusive, long-term, powerful, and basically makes a major change to the site's setting.

The first girl said her character was a member of a species who created/governed the stars and planets. She claims it wasn't godmoding because they no longer "have that power", but she still godmoded the world history.

The second girl made her character a member of a spcies that was "popping up mysteriously" all over the world, and no one knew where they were coming from. Duh, this implies that there's a lot of them and people are seeing them all over-- she's modifying the site history/current events to suit her single character.

I'm having trouble explaining to these kids that although you might be able to start a board on Neopets or Gaia (or make your own roleplay site!) where your species is central to the plot of the world, or at least prevalent, you can't just join a site with a specific setting and start a one-man show.

I'm kind of worried that we're going to be getting more of this in the future, and it's difficult to explain to people that roleplay is a co-operative game where we don't try to insert a big "my character's part of something special that I made up just now!" plot into a pre-made site just because the site is set up for character-driven plots.

Maybe I should specify that "character-driven plots" doesn't mean "plots all about my character", it means "plots all about everyone's characters made by the players as they play with one another"?

Thoughts, comments, etc appreciated.


Posted by thebipolarcat on 2007.05.17 at 11:13
Random, mid-week MQ, but I figured being spontaneous might make up for all the MQ's I haven't posted, as of late... Heh. Plus I'm curious.

What are your favorite RPG hosts, be it forum, journal, or any other medium? and What are your favorite RPG website hosts? Do you create a separate website for all of your game's information, or do you use the forum or journal community? If you do create a separate website, who is your favorite free host and why?

I started off roleplaying in forums, so looking back I think it's kind of weird that I now use strictly LiveJournal communities and journals to host my games. I think eventually I'd like to run a forum-based game again, but there is something about the way it works here--the system I've got going--that has kept me coming back for more.

I haven't built a website for a game in a long time--usually I just use separate posts on the LJ community and link to it from the community userinfo, but lately I've returned to having a separate website. I think it makes your game look more put-together. I used to use Geocities, but lately I'm really into Freewebs. Not only do they take up less ad-space than Geocities (it's only a brief line on the bottom of your page), but I really just like how the site is set up. I can upload all of my pages--I hand-code everything with HTML and Java--and images, even if I can only upload one thing at a time. I also use Photobucket for all of my image hosting needs, which is a lot faster because you can upload several at once.

I'm getting off on a tangent--I'm a web design major, so, yeah.

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