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Modly Advice Still Slightly Active?!

Posted by lizandthesims on 2012.04.05 at 16:03
Whoa. I had no idea this community was still even slightluy active. I was about to delete my old LJ when I noticed there was a new-ish post here. This brings me to my next question...

What should I do with this comm? Is anyone still interested in it? I've noticed that very occasionally it's still active, which is good, but I have no interest in modding it anymore. Is there anyone who would like to take it over?

Posted by frazzledst on 2012.03.24 at 19:34
Hello folks,

I'm a storyteller on a white wolf old world of darkness website that has several different venues. Mine and several other venues are in desperate need of assistance of the narrator or storyteller variety.

Do any of the more experienced members have advice on how to go recruiting new help for our games? I've exhausted all my personal leads, and come up empty handed.

Breathing Some Life Back Into Modly Advice!

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2011.07.22 at 19:46
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I'm glad to see that there's still some activity in this comm!

As most of you know, I left LJ for a while for a few reasons and started blogging on my own self-hosted site. Recently I created a new LJ, lizandthesims, to join in on the huge Sims-loving community that LJ apparently has here, and decided to get back into the RP world as well. I'm working on transferring this comm over to my new account. It seems that LJ has made some changes to the way comms work and I've contacted them for some help.

In the meantime, let's talk modding! What games are you currently modding? What are some of the challenges you're currently facing? Currently, I'm not modding any games. I'm looking for an original character game set in a high school, though, because my mind has accidentally created a bitchy teenager who really needs a sandbox. If I can't find one I like, I might just have to create my own. (;

I really need some advice. For a few months now my co-mod has been pretty MIA due to RL problems, which isn't really a problem, except that she unofficially handled one of our members that I don't get a really get along with. Now that she's been less involved the player has been coming to me more, and I'm finding it hard to moderate objectively where they are concerned. I find the player rude and pushy, and on one occassion they tried to tell me my character would act one way when when I clearly  (and repeatedly) told them my character would not. Now this person's characters seem to be deliberately trying to circumvent SLs my characters have, and make it so that some of my lines dry up. Which leads me to my problem/question: as a mod, if I'm honest with my group, is it okay to ask a player to leave for personal reasons? They have friends in the group, and I understand this will mean taking away  main SLs for some characters, but this player is honestly killing my will to play in my own game, and I'm not sure what to do about it anymore.  If I can ask them to leave, is 2 weeks to tie up SLs appropriate, or should I give them less/more time? I don't think they'd do any flaming, of the group, but I don't know. I don't really feel right just removing them outright. Please help, any and all advice is appreciated.

black feather

&one fell off the wagon..

Posted by tengu_mod on 2009.06.25 at 22:56
I am a mod over at re_fated, which has not yet started.

Getting started, actually, is the problem. After a week of advertising in nearly every advertising community, posting to the games-plugging thread in a well-trafficked community, and poking at past acquaintances, we have only received two reserves -- one of which backed out yesterday. I would like to say the concept is interesting -- though considering my bias, I'm not sure that's for me to say. ^^; We've been complete as possible in describing the game; we've tested the FAQ and such out to make sure that it's clear and flows well. What am I missing?

How can I create interest in my game?

Posted by frazzledst on 2009.06.03 at 22:18
Ugh... how do you tell your troupe they completely flubbed action scenes and anything that approaches strategery. Mis-spell intentional.

still going strong

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2008.06.22 at 13:22
I was really surprised (and happy) to see this comm is still going. I haven't used Lj in a long time, and on a whim logged in to see if anyone was still using this, or if I could possibly get in touch with anyone.

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in MA having its own website, using a forum. I'm considering setting up my own rping domain and would like to have MA a part of it. Let me know what you think!

-Elizabeth (moderator)


&one fell off the wagon..

Posted by grygon on 2008.06.18 at 16:22
Just recently started getting back into modding group games. For years I gave up the group scene cause of time and drama on the lists. And I've had some awesome 1on1 RP sessions. Some that have gone on for years. One that I'm most proud of just had it's 1 year anniversary in April and this week I'm going to start posting the logs... I look at the writing back then and then of this week and while some style has changed, it's still as strong and readable and... effing awesome! as it was last year. :)

Uh... back to modding...

So I started up two groups within the last few weeks. One of them with a co-mod, and she's been such a big help.

For both lists I have a double screening process... 1 for membership that = age/writing sample, and then 1 for characters if they're approved for membership.

The trouble on the list that I run alone seems to be that it caters to a very specific audience. It's a prison-based RPG. It was inspired by a graphic novel I read, and named after it, but I've made it multi-fandom.

How can I advertise this to get others interested? In my ad, and on the main RPG page, it does say that reading the comic is recommended, but not needed. Yet I've only had 1 membership approved, and 2 sitting in the wings (I'm waiting for their returned applications).

Should I try one round of ads that don't even mention the graphic novel it was inspired from and see what that gets me? Should I just stick that info in the FAQ and take it down from the front page?


Longtime lurker, first-time poster

Posted by sarajayechan on 2008.05.02 at 21:47
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So for a few years I've had this idea for an OC roleplay. I dunno if I'll be starting it anytime soon due to RL stuff, but I've been fine-tuning the characters and plot and worldbuilding so I'll be entirely ready when I decide to start it.

Now, here's where my need for advice comes in. I made one list of general rules and another for conduct and interaction. Can anyone tell me if this seems like a solid set of rules? I'm worried it might be tl;dr or going into too many specifics or if I sound like a nazi!mod...the last thing I want is to oppress people, but I also want to keep the enviornment as free of wank and drama as possible.

Here be the rulesCollapse )

Modly Question of the Week

Posted by thebipolarcat on 2008.02.04 at 16:51
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It's a little late because of the Superbowl yesterday, but I'm trying to get back on track with a weekly question. So here's this week's!

What are some foolproof advertising methods you've used in the past, especially during a slow time of year (such as winter)?

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